At California Wonders Charters we understand the importance of unity for everyone. For that reason, we work with you to plan the perfect group getaway or that once in  a life time event. Enjoy each other while on board our charter buses as we transport your group to your awaited destination. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Corporate Group Transportation​

Planning a corporate meeting out of town? California Wonders Charters will take you where you need to be. Simply give us a call or request a quote to get started with the process. Our drivers will provide the best service possible while you de-stress on the way there. Arrive promptly on time, relaxed and ready for whatever corporate challenges await.  

Sports Teams

We drive you to victory. 

Having an away game? A victory trip? Whether you need to take your team somewhere locally or out of town to celebrate a victory, Cal Wonders can help. Call us today to reserve a bus. 

Non-Profit Organizations

Let us help you while you help others. 

California Wonders Charters appreciates the work non profit organizations do for all those who are in great need of their services. Understanding how non profits work, we strive to help make a difference for everyone. For this reason, we like to return $100 to your group  when you ride with us. 

School and Church Field Trips

Bring the community together. 

Planning a school or church field trip? Don’t worry! California Wonders Charters works with you to secure a safe and reliable bus to transport your group. We provide you all necessary information including our insurance to help you feel ease the responsibility. 

Weddings, Family Reunions & Parties

Be happy together. 

Get your party from the hotel to the church and reception in one piece! Avoid the hassle of arranging transportation and take everyone at the same time. We provide service for all occasions including the bachelor/bachelorette party,  bridal shower, rehearsal and anything else you can think of.